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Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 Manual - £SOLD

Chassis Number: P 219669 DN

Engine Number: LB 89918

UK Registration Number: 964 XUR

Date of first reg: 1961

Exterior colour: Opalescent Blue Metallic


Interior colour: Black Leather

Current Odometer reading: 17,886

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Reuter Reclining Seats.,PAS, Harvey Bailey Suspension, Zeus uprated brakes, Uprated Aluminium Cooling System, Chrome/Stainless Steel Wire Wheels, Sigma Engineering Fast Road Engine


A 1960 road test report by Motor Sport Magazine concluded that it was one of the World's best saloon cars.

What justification, if any, was needed for this statement? The explanation was easy- here was a car capable of 125 mph, of devouring a 1/4-mile from a standing start in not much more than 16 seconds, and endowed with a full complement of Dunlop disc brakes, well able to cope with high-performance of this calibre. Added to this was the ease with which this 220 horse-power Jaguar could be driven, the sense of well-being conveyed by its hide upholstery, deep seats and polished veneers, its silent functioning and its very complete equipment, and no one, surely, will dispute our claim.

That such a car could be sold for just over £1,800 was a commercial miracle understood only by Sir William Lyons. Fastidious businessmen and keen motorists could save themselves or their businesses something like £3,000 by bearing these facts in mind, and expensive motor cars with double-barrelled names seem somewhat expensive when compared with this Coventry-built twin-cam machine.The big-engined Jaguar was a fascinating car because it has such enormous powers of effortless acceleration, reaching, for instance, 80 mph from rest in under 15 seconds, 50 mph as quickly as 61/2 seconds, that there is little need to wear oneself out hurling it at corners or playing angry bears in traffic.

In fact, the wider rear track of the Mk II version cured a certain tendency to rear-end skittishness and the latest Jaguar saloon was safe in spite of its very high speed and power. A useful taxi-like turning circle and steering commendably free from kick-back or shake, an adjustable column, and vigorous castor return action to ease the driver's task after acute corners. The new wheel was neat, with single spoke and a half-horn ring, and is small and placed sensibly low- all in all a real driver's car.

Great spacing of the gear ratios and an engine that runs up to 6.000 rpm, actually peaking at 5,500 rpm, yet so docile that it is quite permissible to run down to 20 mph in o/d top gear, and in fact this Jaguar had vintage qualities. Motor Sport Magazine felt that to have on tap a maximum of 98 m.p.h. in third gear, and as high a pace in the 7-to-1 second gear as many cars stagger up to in third. And concluded that there is no finer engine to be behind than the twin-cam, six-cylinder of a Jaguar.

The Dunlop disc brakes were considered superlative, light pedal pressures producing such fantastic stopping rates that it never becomes necessary to tread really hard, while the action is silent, straight-line and progressive. The handbrake is well located on the right of the driving seat.

The new facia was very attractively laid out and the grouping of switches and auxiliary dials on a central black-finished metal panel sunk into the veneered panel is convenient as well as stylish. The six flick switches have their functions neatly lettered below them, from left to right : Interior; Bright-Dim-Panel; Fan-Fast/Slow; Ignition; Cigar; Starter; Map; Wiper-Fast/Slow; Washer. Above this row of switches sit four dials recording water temperature, oil pressure, amps and fuel contents. Before the driver, visible through the wheel, are the neat, matching Smiths tachometer and speedometer.


If you were going on classic looks alone, this car would win your heart - with less than 20,000 miles since that rebuild, the quality of the work executed by Southern Classics stands out and delivers performance to match the looks.

Motor Sport Magazine rated the Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 as the world's best saloon car - we think this is the World's best Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 - probably!

Vehicle History

This lovely car was first registered in the US and was brought back to the UK in 2000 by the first registered keeper of the car in the UK, Adrian Ridpath of Esher in Surrey. He commissioned restoration specialists, Southern Classics to convert the car to right hand drive and to restore it to his exacting specification while retaining the original colour schemes for the car.

It was a total nut and bolt mechanical and electrical rebuild that cost over £60,000 – and remember, that was in 2001. Driver comfort was assured with Reuter reclining seats and an uprated heating system. Ride comfort and driveability exceptional with Power Steering, Harvey Bailey front and rear suspension, Zeus uprated front and rear brakes all married with a Sigma Engineering fast road engine.

And looks were not forgotten with the Opalescent Metallic Blue paint, Blue leather trim and stainless steel/chrome wire wheels - even the tool kit was renovated!

It was acquired in January 2010 by the current Belgian owner who added this wonderful car to his personal collection of British classics.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

23.02.01    00,001
13.02.02    03,255
22.02.03    06,192
24.01.04    08,361
18.02.05    10,075
11.02.06    12,082
07.02.07    13,288
08.01.08    15,206
11.12.08    16,399
17.10.17    17,886

Service and Maintenance Record

06.04.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Southern Classics

To carry out a full restoration of vehicle plus various specified modifications using parts and services supplied: Labour: £32,958.00 Paint and sundry material £ 800.00 Parts and carriage £12,319.99 Workshop consumables £ 60.00 Fuel £ 55.50 Specialist Services £ 5,391.15 S/Total £ 51,584.64 VAT @ 17.5% £ 9,027.31 MOT £ 34.00 Total £ 60,645.95

19.03.03- Mileage: 06,256- Service Agent: Southern Classics

Carry out ful lubrication service. Teflon coat all moving rubbers. Carry out general “spanner checks” on vehicle. Remove exhaust manifolds, sandblast and paint with heat resistant paint. Refit manifolds with new gaskets. Adjust PAS and alternator belts. Lubricate gear lever gaiter, adjust door rubbers, carry out road test

05.01.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Sigma Engineering

Run car to check engine characteristics & power output. Remove bonnet. Remove engine & gearbox assembly from car. Dismantle engine, clean & check all parts, observe cracksbetween cylinders in block & cracked cylinder head number four area. Source S/H donor engine. Cut out old liners & clean all internal waterways. Re-line the block, bore & hone to size. Reface block & timing cover. Size & hone main bearings. Cracktest crank & send for tuftriding & polishing. Machine flywheel, balance flywheel, clutch & crank assembly. Renew big end bolts, balance con rods. Build lower engine with new pistons, bearings, re-conditioned timing gear etc. Fit cylinder head to lower engine, time camshafts. Carry out porting to fast road specification. Machine & fit new inserts. Fit new guides, springs, cam bearings & followers etc. Cut the seats. Lap in the valves. Check head on flow bench. Reface head & assemble. Shim camshafts as required. Observe L/H/F rebound rubber missing, replace. Check & reset front track. Road test vehicle. Credit money agreed for inlet manifold, carbs, distributor & air cleaner assemblies

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